A Start (Big Day for My Country?)

The text on the book says: “Nepalko Sambidhan” or Nepal’s Constitution. Apparently, it has turned out to become one of the thickest constitutions in the world!

Might not be much of a change
Might not mark much drastic turn of events
What it is, is just a start
But a start was all we ever needed


The nation celebrates to the late hours of the night. I can still hear the cheers and screams of joy! Today is a big day for my country.

After years of struggle, domestic conflict, instability, and discussion, our President announced Nepal’s first-ever constitution that was issued by the direct involvement of the public.

“Nepal’s Constitution 2072” (Nepalko Sambidhan) comes as a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow. (And a subtle, if little, distraction from the pain of the dreadful #MegaQuake that struck early on in the year).

It might not be the most perfect of constitutions that could’ve been written (mainly because of a huge number of people that still disapprove it), but hopefully, the current government will soon be able to address their issues in time, and lead us all, together, to a better and brighter future.

Jay Nepal!!!


And as always, thanks a bunch for reading!

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