Appearance – God of War Game Series by Sony Santa Monica

Powers – Specialization in killing the Gods of Olympus

If this were a countdown, Kratos would definitely be at the top of all-time Anti-heroes. Undisputed.

Born in Sparta, with a dream to become a true Spartan Warrior, Kratos’s fate was twisted towards violence and suffering by the Gods, when they took away his brother Deimos in their early childhood. A seed of anger was cropped in his heart forever, ever since.

Moreover, he was hunted by the nightmares of the death of his family (his wife and daughter)  through his own hands. (Ouch!)

All Kratos ever wanted was freedom. But even after the ten years of service to the Gods, he was not freed of his nightmares.

Thus, Kratos, once a champion of the Gods, turned against them and became the doom of the Mount Olympus.

He subsequently became the bane of the entire gods of the Olympus — including Zeus (who later turned out to be his own father), Poseidon, and Hades — and few other demigods such as Hercules, Perseus, and the likes (who, then technically, would be his cousins and brothers) .

So, Kratos killed his entire human family and the family of God, and at the end of the day, we all still love Kratos.

Your typical, Anti-hero. Only better. And stronger.




Appearance – World of Warcraft Series by Blizzard

Powers – Hosts Lich King to become Death King (Kills the living to raise an army of  Undead)

Arthas Menethil is the Hero-turned-Villain of the World of Warcraft Game Series. He first appeared in Warcraft 3, and is chief villain in World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich King.

Arthas, the Prince of Lordaeron, was a Knight of the Silverhand, and was mentored by paladin Uther the Lightbringer.

In an attempt to have vengeance on Mal’Gannis — a dreadlord, who was spreading a plague and building an army of the Scourge — Arthas searched for the runeblade Frostmourne in the Northrend. The blade that belonged to the Lich King. When found, he took up the blade, forsaking his own soul in the process — such was his need for vengeance. With the cursed blade’s power, Arthas defeated Mal’Gannis but became a slave to the will of the Lich King forever.

Arthas became a Death Knight and killed his own father, as well as destroyed his own cities, in the process. Later, he returned to the cold Northrend, merged with the Lich King at the Icecrown Citadel, and took the Frozen Throne as the new King of all Undead Scourge.




Appearance – The First Law Book Series by Joe Abercrombie

Power –    Cut, Burn, Smash…KILL

Well, as Joe Abercrombie puts it : “Say one thing about Bloody-Nine, say he’s a KILLER.”

Logen Ninefingers (so called because he’s lost a finger in the battle) is a Northman from the World of the First Law Series created by Joe Abercrombie. I’m not quite sure if he can be put into the Anti-hero class since Logen is pretty much what you’d want in a hero  (minus the nastiness, scarface, and smell, perhaps).

It’s his other side that’s the problem.

Yes, at the face of danger, The Bloody Nine takes over Logen, and everything goes…well, bloody. He doesn’t recognizes friends or foe. All he wants is blood.

Much like the Incredible Hulk, but without the obvious problem of having to carry an extra pair of pants.


5. King Honorous Jorg Ancrath


Appearance – The Broken Empire Series by Mark Lawrence

Powers –   Outrageously cunning, Self-centered, Adaptable, Lacks morale,

and Violent, Unforgiving, Practical, Deadly Sense of Humor…(Read the entire series if you truly want to understand what this guy can do!)

Jorg is the protagonist of the Broken Empire Series, written by Mark Lawrence, and one of the most interesting, twisted and disturbed character of the fantasy genre.

Jorg, in his very young age as a Prince, had to watch his mother get raped(and killed) and his even younger brother(a mere infant!) get slammed against a rock (and killed). He only survived because he was thrown away and got stuck in “hook-briar”(among the thorns), hidden from the killers.

He leaves the confines of his Father’s Castle and takes on the road, with a band of bandits whom he frees from his Father’s dungeons itself. At a very tender age, Jorg masters the art of controlling the vicious Bandits and uses all his experience of the road, and his life, to become the one ruler/Emperor of the Broken Empire.

He is the true believer of the notion that end justifies the means. He will absolutely do anything without a hesitation to win, and survive. Even if that means putting your pride on the line. He’s not a fool, in that way, you see.

If Jorg were ever to come up against other more “Magically” powerful heroes like Arthas or Kratos, I think he would still find out a way to make them fight each other — while he enjoys the show with a drink —  and pop out at last moment to have the final strike.

My money’s always on Jorg. Anyday. Anytime. And against anyone.



These are the Four Bad Ass Anti-Heroes that have created a new definition of  ‘Hero’ for me. I hope, for their sake — and the sake of the World — that they never cross each other’s path!!!