Fear The Dusk #digitalart #poetry


Reference: Some FINAL FANTASY character…


Listen the whispers in these serene winds,
Hear the hollow cries among solemn fiends.
Returns the dusk and the songs of ages,
A lamentation long lost, forgotten, and faded.
Fear the wheel of time that now turns,
Fear the dusk, for darkness it beckons.


I celebrate my limits


Somebody once said to me,
“There is a hole in the world.
Can you not see?”

“Don’t worry”, he implored.
“It’s not a defect.
It’s an opportunity
For us to explore beyond
To reach the wider universe
Of endless possibilities.”

Great, I thought.
He speaks so true, does he not?

“No. Thanks.”

“Enjoy your trip,” I waved him off.
“But leave me be in my worldly world.
With my books and my pens
The brooks and the graze
The rattle of the trees
Those songs of the breeze
Can’t have enough of them, you see

And there aren’t much days left anyways

So, begone.
With your ambitions
I wish you all the luck
I hope you do find your endless possibilities
Though I doubt it’ll happen

Well, it’s endless after all

But anything as long as you’re happy

Be happy

And enjoy your possibilities

While I celebrate my limits.”