Hardwired To Fail (Phoenix) #poetry #graphicdesign


what are we

but feeble beings

hardwired to fail

and rise again


not once

not twice

but every time



a little less feeble


after all


what are we

but feeble beings

hardwired to fail…


phoenix – red: hardwired to fail

sketch version – phoenix



He Does What He Does



There is a shadow

Lurking forever behind

Waiting for right Time


He listens to none

And seeks no one’s permission

He does what he does


Who can put him off?

Not you, not me, not the God

He does what he does


Think of him your foe

Or make him your greatest friend

He does what he does


He makes you live life

To its fullest, and not less

He does what he does


He is harbinger

Of death, pain, and departure

He does what he does


He is a teacher

Of life, and living it right

He does what he does


(Today’s post is dedicated to one of the most beloved member of our family, whom we sadly lost today… we’ll always remember you…)

Anthem of the Pretentious


I am a God

I am a Sage

I am the void

I am space

I am the need

I am the pain

I am the greed

I am insane

I am the con

I am the law

I am perfection

I am the flaw

I see the winds

I hear the light

I speak in colors

I taste the sight

I am beginning

I am the end

I am them all

So long as I pretend


This is one of my earlier posts, revisited with the scribble.

The Lone Drifter (& Inktober!)


Against the winds a wither night,
Scurried a silver knight
Forged of courage and made of steel
Seamless was his might
Vigil and silent,
Like Shadows he walked
A lone drifter, a dark shifter
With a free heart he stalked


This sketch was my attempt to participate in Inktober, which, apparently, is a big event on YouTube where you sketch everyday with any form of ink (thanks to the lovely blogger at fictionistasan for letting me know about this, and tempting me enough with her beautiful art to try it).

Not sure if it counts, but I used a ball pen. It was my first time scribbling with anything other than a pencil so it felt a bit awkward in the beginning. Obviously, I have a long way to go before I finally get it right.

But I did enjoy myself.