another shot at poem – Upon This Land


Upon this land, full of wrongs
We’re the men who see things right
And on this dusk, accused of despair
We do believe in new dawn’s light

Upon this land, full of wrongs,
Many are men who are lost
Seeking that elusive perfection,
In all things, they see the worst

System’s gone lose
And politics isn’t right
Damned be the law
It’s just not that tight
Just about everything, really!
Has become an ugly shite

Funny that!
For beauty is a thing
Only a beautiful mind sees
And perfection
Just another disease.

But there’s a new wave rising
Of passion and fire
Of faith and desire
Of those willing to see the change
Of those willing to be the change.

So on our ground we stand tall
Till the Odds bow to favor our plight.
But sweet goodbye, dear all
The deserters!
May the Gods bless forever your might.