The Way of Men

Those that live, live amiss vigor

Wriggling, like worms, for the quest of Ichor

An odyssey ceased of its end

A simple muse beyond the noesis of Men!

A simple failure that, in-turn, abet

Filth of heart, and lust, and regret

And Monsters who create the world of hate

But Monsters created by naught but Men

The vicious circle!

Such has become the Way of Men!


Skin deep, this search, worthless the prize

Futile the World of pride

A World engaged in a singular chore

A World maddened in the search of Ichor

Now, only a shadow of its former self…

Such has become the Way of Men!


Have faith! For it is in Men to right the wrong

The arsenal of wisdom, they wield since long

Even when the Light feels too pure to deserve

The walls of pseudo-desires shall crumble to a fall

Have faith and dismantle the cloaks of despair

For a Man knows not what a Man can attain

What scale, after all, has ever fathomed the valor in Men?


So search for the Light in the songs of all ages

Of tenacity, of revival, of rise from the ashes!

Persistence and Progress…

Have ever been the Way of Men!

Such will ever be the Way of Men.