Drawing Everyday #”Lost Count” (Still Life: My guitar)

You who lives within
The one who pulls all the strings
Tell me, who are you?

You who lives inside
And speaks to me constantly
Tell me, who are you?

Are you the master?
Or are you the one who serves?
Tell me, who are you?

They say we are one
And that I am what you are
Is it really so?

You go on and on
Musing, worrying, moaning
Is that really me?

So I ask this once
Answer me, the voice inside!
Tell me, who are you?


(inspired by the lessons of Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”)

Celestial Vessel (Revisited with Drawing Everyday)


She slips inside in sleepless nights
Smiles on me her celestial lights
The blaze of sun and the glaze of moon
She shows them all and leaves just as soon

She moves amidst those dancing shadows
As if she owns me, around she wallows
Whispering thoughts that’s just my kind
I wonder ofttimes if she reads my mind

When the dawn hits, she’s no more there
Conjured of thoughts, she’s not so real
A spirit, a musing, a fantasy, if you will
Only her touch left behind for me to feel

That’s when I pen her down
And all her whispering
Those genius words!
Those genuine thoughts!
I bleed them all out
For the world to see
And to think I’m a genius!
There can be no greater sin.

I am but a vessel
A simple messenger
For it is I
who can see her, hear her, feel her
So it is I
who must present her beauty to all
Her beauty
Her words
Her thoughts
It’s not me
Oh, not me!
I am but a messenger
I am but a vessel.


(I posted this poem waaaaayyyyyyyyyy back, but it went well with the sketch I did today, so… that’s that.)

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Drawing Everyday: A calendar sitting at my table... (had to do a super quick sketch due to less time)

Drawing Everyday: A calendar sitting at my table… (had to do a super quick sketch due to time pressures!)









We are the beings
Of tomorrow
It’s there we live
It’s there we dream
It’s there we breathe
Because tomorrow
We’ll have that car
Or job
Or girl
Or life
Whatever we want!
Not Now!

We are the puppets
Of yesterday
It’s what defines us
It’s what gives us meaning
It’s what shapes us
Because yesterday
We could’ve had that car
Or job
Or girl
Or life
Whatever we wanted!
Not Now!

Drawing Everyday: Day 2 & Going Out on A Limb (Taking Risks)


Drawing Everyday #2: Still Life Drawing (Fruits)

Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” – Mark Twain

Taking risks is important. Necessary even. You can never know what you’re truly capable of unless you take risk, unless you go put yourself out in the “discomfort” zone.

Or so I’ve heard, read, and seen other people.

But by taking my first steps toward visual arts, this is me trying to find that out for myself. Whether or not it comes true, we’ll see.

So here’s one to all those choosing discomfort over comfort, difficult over easy, and absurd over mundane.

And thank you for supporting, viewing, liking and commenting on my blog! You all are super great.

Overcoming My Biggest Fear

A story that I could sooo relate to:

Words for Thought

Not so long ago, by the smoke of a campfire, some of my friends decided to talk about their biggest fears. It was this big thing. They went around in a circle and said things like:

“Snakes.. hands down!”

“Getting lost.”




“The unknown.”

Then suddenly it was my turn. I was awfully quiet. “What are you afraid of?” My eyes danced from person to person and my heart was doing that little pitter-patter uneasy thing. I was burning my marshmallow. “Um… I don’t know.” Subject change.

I really had no idea what to say. I couldn’t just shove my fears into one phrase like spiders or snakes. Truthfully, I had no real fear of anything they mentioned. So what was I afraid of? Why was I the odd one out? How can you know yourself if you don’t even know what scares you? This bothered me for…

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Hollow Eyes (#Haiku)

Hollow eyes they stare

Searching down memory lane

Waiting endlessly



So I’ve been practicing figure drawing for a few days now. Took me hours of work to make the above sketch look like that. Not most perfect of sketches you’d see out there, but thought it deserved a #haiku.

Have a great day!

Let Me Sleep A Little More While







Let me sleep a little more while
Was a long, hard day endured
My hands are numb
my feet are worn
And my soul is torn for sure

Let me sleep a little more while
The dawn would soon be here
The world’s long dead
and the rest can wait
For I’m not done dreaming yet