When all this is done
and the dust settles
I’ll find you on the other side

I’ll stare down your empty eyes
And you will look up
To see only mercy in mine

But it shall be too late then
For the only cure left
Would be a bullet through your head

I promise, painless you shall die
And if it gives you any pleasure
Know that the agony would be all mine

Over and over
I’ll live your death
Until the end of my days

And as I lay dying
In the cradle of final darkness
Maybe I’ll see you there

One last time
You and I
We’ll make our stand

Won’t be much to say then
Just one solemn question:
Was it even worth it?

We won’t remember much of who won
But smiling sadly at one another
We will at least know who lost

To the pain and suffering of every brave War Hero… whoever, wherever…