Such Are These Times (#NepalQuake2015)

A mind at war
A mind at peace
A heart at chaos
A heart at ease
Fear and bravery
They go hand in hand
Such are these times

Grounds go hostile
So do the skies
Mother, she turns violent
Against her own child
With sore eyes and weak knees
And heavy heart we wait
Addicted to fear
Uncertain of fate
Such are these times

Mind keeps calm
But heart gives away
The pretense of strength.
Mind wants to hold peace
To feel certain, to believe.
But heart is feeble, fragile
Innocent as a child.
It knows no logic
Understands no theory
It believes what it sees
And what it sees
Is fear.
All around, consuming
Such are these times

Feeding off our fear
Killing us on the inside
Ruining our lives
It won’t stop
Until it eats us whole
Unless we again
Begin to hope
But not before that
It won’t just stop.
Such are these times.