A boy
A man
A son
A brother
A friend
A student
An employee
But at the very beginning
Before I was anything…
I was.
I just ‘was’.
a being with the sole purpose of being
The one who knew nothing
And the wisest thing I’ve ever been


Yin Yang Sci-Fi!











Would we crave for light the way we do

If there never was a moment dark?


And would we be happy the same way

If we didn’t know what it meant to be sad?


Questions exist to be answered

Complications are there to be solved


Challenges arise to be conquered

Failures are there to be won


One exists to give other the life

The duality prevails to keep things whole


The Yin Yang of life is beautifully simple

Yet the Yin Yang remains unknown



This poetry was one my earlier posts, titled The Duality of Life, the inspiration for which came from the immortal words of Lao Tzu in “Tao Te Ching”.


Insomnia #digitalart #poetry


With sins of a thousand lives

how can I rest and close my eyes

when the dreams are full of screams

and faces

that I defiled


“Insomnia is a gross feeder. It will nourish itself on any kind of thinking, including thinking about not thinking.”

-Clifton Fadiman

When the world zigs, zag







Abandon the predictable

Welcome uncomfortable






What’s easy

Isn’t worth it

What’s worth it

Won’t be easy








Be indifferent

Be irreverent


Be different


Inspired by BBH London’s “Black Sheep” ad campaign line (When the world zigs, zag) for Levi’s.

The 10,000 Hours Rule (OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell) #amreading

In which, Gladwell suggests:


He arrives at this magic number after studying the practicing patterns of several individuals who are the masters of their craft — right from Beatles to Bill Gates.

I haven’t finished the book, but this current chapter is about the good old war between innate talent and deliberate practise.

Let’s see who wins. 😉

Book Cover (Speculative): Shadow Rising

Designed a speculative book cover after a long time. Had so much fun, it left me wondering why I don’t do it more often!

The smoke could do with more work, I think. It’s far from the finished work. But I’m fairly satisfied with the overall manipulation of the hand, so I wanted to share with you all.





It’s still a work in progress, so, as always, any feedback would be most welcome. 🙂

NaNo or No-No! (and book covers!)

Halfway through October, writers all across the globe are preparing for the big writing event in November that is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

Very quickly then, for those who are not familiar with it… NaNoWriMo is an annual event, where writers all over the world take on a mammoth of a challenge of writing 50 thousand words in one month. The reward for all the trouble is internal satisfaction, peer motivation, and a feeling of camaraderie. Also, it really helps to get the 1st draft done! (see also Camp NaNoWriMo?)

For this year’s NaNo, which is my third, I am trying to continue (or rather revamp) the story that went unfinished during last NaNo. The title of the book is “Liberty Crisis: A Book of The Shade Saga”, and it is a fantasy book set in my The Shade Saga world.

As the world of writers busy themselves in planning, plotting, or simply ideating their novels, I kept myself busy by trying to come up with book cover designs! Procrastination at its best.

liberty crisis

liberty crisis_3

So what do you think? Which one do you like better?

And are you participating too? If yes, how about buddying-up!?