Fear The Dusk #digitalart #poetry


Reference: Some FINAL FANTASY character…


Listen the whispers in these serene winds,
Hear the hollow cries among solemn fiends.
Returns the dusk and the songs of ages,
A lamentation long lost, forgotten, and faded.
Fear the wheel of time that now turns,
Fear the dusk, for darkness it beckons.


The Seed of Ignorance/The Tree of Wisdom


“To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts is a great step to knowledge.”

Benjamin Disraeli


Plant the seed of ignorance
It inspires us to ask
Questions that truly matter
Questions that often go amiss
Right questions
Or even the wrong ones!
It gives us
More than knowledge
It grows us
The tree of wisdom!


Today’s scribble is a consequence of this article I stumbled upon. If you have time, do give it a read.

Also. Sorry for a slight delay in the new post… but it’s been those kind of days… 🙂

Happy work days!

Will You Ever Burn Out?



You wake up at 7
Go learn something new
A class, a lecture, or a stroll through the nature

You do this up until the day job begins
Somewhere around 10, maybe
Then for over next 10 hours or so
You work your socks off
Say till around 9?

You come back home
All fucked up
Tired as anything
Wanting only to embrace the pillow

But you don’t
Because there’s that devil inside you
That devil who wants you to go on
That devil who knows what you truly want

Its name is Passion
And as long as it burns inside
It won’t let you burn out

So you go on
As long as its possible
Defying the science of stupid
Ignoring the discomfort
Embracing the fear
Accepting uncertainty
You keep at it
Whatever it is that you love
Draw, write, compose?
You stick to it
And flesh out your creation
You cure your itch
Until that devil Passion is satisfied
Until it finally allows you to sleep
And sleep you do!
Oh so soundly

Until the next morn
When you wake up at 7


The answer is for you to decide. Will you ever burn out?


The Battle #haiku #drawing



Me vs. Time | Round ???

There are days I wish

For a single day to have

At least forty hours!


Many things to do

So many places to be

Ah, but not much Time!


I’m sure every person in the world goes through a constant battle with time to fit in all their “to dos” within the stipulated 24 hours limit. Many succeed, no doubt. But for others, it’s always a constant struggle.

So I thought this battle warranted a scribble, albeit a simple one.

On that note. Have a great weekend!

P.S. I wanted to draw this one in greater detail, but then I thought… wouldn’t that be defying the purpose? 🙂

Drawing Everyday: Day 2 & Going Out on A Limb (Taking Risks)


Drawing Everyday #2: Still Life Drawing (Fruits)

Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” – Mark Twain

Taking risks is important. Necessary even. You can never know what you’re truly capable of unless you take risk, unless you go put yourself out in the “discomfort” zone.

Or so I’ve heard, read, and seen other people.

But by taking my first steps toward visual arts, this is me trying to find that out for myself. Whether or not it comes true, we’ll see.

So here’s one to all those choosing discomfort over comfort, difficult over easy, and absurd over mundane.

And thank you for supporting, viewing, liking and commenting on my blog! You all are super great.