Anthem of the Pretentious


I am a God

I am a Sage

I am the void

I am space

I am the need

I am the pain

I am the greed

I am insane

I am the con

I am the law

I am perfection

I am the flaw

I see the winds

I hear the light

I speak in colors

I taste the sight

I am beginning

I am the end

I am them all

So long as I pretend


This is one of my earlier posts, revisited with the scribble.

23 thoughts on “Anthem of the Pretentious

  1. Thank you for this. I get fed up with this attitude when it’s displayed in the public domain. I was just saying to myself, people who tell themselves they’re clever and perfect have overlooked some information.

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  2. hehe ok I get that this is probably a piece about people/society being greedy self-important assholes. But why does it actually seem like a post about me?? Hmmm… maybe I am a self-important gree… heh, no, not me! I am PERFECTION!


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  4. Hi,
    I always get excited when I visit a blog and see people I know. I know Nurse Kelly and Sepultera. i loved your poem written in parallel form about pretense. Your headline intrigued me,so I clicked this link.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today. I am glad you liked my post about installing Click to Tweets in Welcome Emails.

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