The Lone Drifter (& Inktober!)


Against the winds a wither night,
Scurried a silver knight
Forged of courage and made of steel
Seamless was his might
Vigil and silent,
Like Shadows he walked
A lone drifter, a dark shifter
With a free heart he stalked


This sketch was my attempt to participate in Inktober, which, apparently, is a big event on YouTube where you sketch everyday with any form of ink (thanks to the lovely blogger at fictionistasan for letting me know about this, and tempting me enough with her beautiful art to try it).

Not sure if it counts, but I used a ball pen. It was my first time scribbling with anything other than a pencil so it felt a bit awkward in the beginning. Obviously, I have a long way to go before I finally get it right.

But I did enjoy myself.

23 thoughts on “The Lone Drifter (& Inktober!)

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