Spec Book Cover #2 (And Keeping Your Ideas Alive)

So this name struck my mind this afternoon and just refused to go away:

The Giant of Valhalla

It sounded like a great title to me. I haven’t got a single clue as to what the story might be behind this title, but I wanted to keep the idea alive by creating a (not that) quick ‘Spec Book Cover’. One day, hopefully, I’ll find time to fill in the blank page for its synopsis.

So I share two covers with you (with the author named after one of my favorite writers, Mark Lawrence of The Broken Empire Series).

The first design is a minimalist approach (just the way I love it!).

The other has a bit rough and strong aesthetics about it.

As always, opinions are most welcome!





How do you keep your ideas alive? A handy notebook? Quick entry into your smartphone? A sketch? Voice recorder? Or something else? Do share. Please.


Book Cover! (Chill. Just a Speculative One)

Looky, looky. I just created a book cover.


This is not my first speculative book cover, but I played with some new Photoshop tools for this , so I’m excited and all. There’s still room for improvement, I think.

The Ingredients:


Any suggestion from a true sucker for book covers are most welcome.

Have a productive day, you all!


(P.S. I should probably stop saying Adios.)

Meet n Greet

Thanks for coming up with such a wonderful idea. I’ll make sure to check out all the beautiful blogs mentioned below. (It’ll take time, but I will!)

As for me, I’d like share to my new blog:

Curing the Itch

It’s my quest for satisfying that creative itch (you know what I’m talking about, right?). I’m a writer, and for the most part, Writing cures that itch for me. But in “Curing the Itch” I’m trying to explore other dimensions of creativity — including graphic design, sketching, and motions graphics.

Hope I’ll see you there. Let’s make this Meet n Greet a huge success!

Book Review: Fool Moon (The Dresden Files #2)

Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, #2)






Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fool Moon is your typical “Harry Dresden” book. Pretty much enjoyable (and funny as anything!). Plus a lot of fangs, furs, snarls, and howls. Few things didn’t work for me, though. But in the end, who doesn’t love a good ol’ Wizard vs. Werewolf face-off, eh?

Harry Dresden is your modern day Wizard, and a pretty good one at that. With his magic, he tries to keep the creatures of Nevernever from creating havoc in the world. As a Wizard-at-hire, he invests most of his time assisting Police (Special Investigations) and Detective Karrin Murphy.

“Fool Moon” begins with Murphy requesting Harry to look at a case regarding bestial attacks on a few local gangsters. After much investigation (and a bit supernatural help), he concludes that the attacks have been done by some kind of supernatural Wolf-thingie.

He starts to dig in. And soon finds himself surrounded by all sorts of Werewolves (Butcher divides supernatural wolves into four categories — Lycanthropes, Hexenwulfen, Werewolf, and Loup-garou, which was something fresh in urban-fantasy). All of which, for one reason or another, want him dead.

But wolves are just that. Animals. Dogs. They don’t do organized crime or planned murders. (Or do they?)

Beaten, broken, and bandaged too many times to count, Harry Dresden must now find the real culprit — the one who let the dogs out (sorry, couldn’t resist).

All good so far. But for some reason, I didn’t like Harry Dresden as much as I’d adored him in the first book. Don’t get me wrong, he was funny and imperfect and everything else that made me like him in the first book. But this time, he somehow had developed this irritating habit of feeling too much sorry. Everything bad that happened was somehow his fault. Always.

I also hated the part where Murphy completely loses her trust in Dresden. I mean, Murphy has seen some pretty bad supernatural forces at work, and has taken Dresden’s help on more than one occasion. Now after working together on several cases, how can she (how can anyone!) ever doubt the one person who uses magic for all the right reasons?

It felt as if that thing was there only for the sake of adding one more conflict to the story. Ew. The book tries to get emotional but utterly fails (at one time, even crossing tacky-meter). Again, ew.

This is not one of the most fascinating tales you will ever read. And certainly not one of the best Harry Dresden (or Jim Butcher) books. But this will keep you entertained through the end.

Talk about the the silver linings.

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CAMP OVER! (#CampNaNoWriMo)

Just a quick post.

I started this month with a blog post about my Camp NaNo project (and about Camp NaNo as a whole).

Seems about right that I end it with the same.

So… as the final few hours of #CampNaNoWriMo come to its end, here are my statistics.


My Stats (which is a perfect reflection of how I blog about not writing enough words instead of doing the actual writing until the final hour).

Some 9k words behind. Not bad, from my point-of-view. I’ve got a decent word-count and (hopefully) a good story on my hands. My characters have developed well and I have (again, “hopefully”) discovered the right tone for the story as well. If I continue to write at the current speed, I’ll finish the whole thing by this August.

Yeah. Hopefully.

As always, I didn’t complete my #CampNaNoWriMo word target, but I did get a fair bit of writing done and have put in a fair bit of word-count upon which I can further build my story.

It was a pleasure writing alongside other cabinmates — although we had little time to converse due to a little time-zone issue. But many of them had wonderful story ideas and I leave the Camp feeling more inspired than ever.

Looking forward toward the next Camp session!