Overcoming My Biggest Fear

A story that I could sooo relate to:

Words for Thought

Not so long ago, by the smoke of a campfire, some of my friends decided to talk about their biggest fears. It was this big thing. They went around in a circle and said things like:

“Snakes.. hands down!”

“Getting lost.”




“The unknown.”

Then suddenly it was my turn. I was awfully quiet. “What are you afraid of?” My eyes danced from person to person and my heart was doing that little pitter-patter uneasy thing. I was burning my marshmallow. “Um… I don’t know.” Subject change.

I really had no idea what to say. I couldn’t just shove my fears into one phrase like spiders or snakes. Truthfully, I had no real fear of anything they mentioned. So what was I afraid of? Why was I the odd one out? How can you know yourself if you don’t even know what scares you? This bothered me for…

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7 thoughts on “Overcoming My Biggest Fear

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