LIEBSTER AWARD: Me, nominated? No way!


So. Liebster Award.

Here’s what I know about it so far. Besides that it is awesome. And I got nominated!

Liebster Award is given by bloggers to other bloggers by the means of simple nomination. There’s no real Golden Globe as promised by some. It’s basically a thing that celebrates growing bloggers — an encouragement, if you will. It works kinda like a chain letter — only it’s less annoying. And… Liebster is a German word, apparently,  rather than a peculiar sea creature (thanks, Wording Well).

DISCLAIMER : As a nominee, there are few rules that is expected of you to follow. As per one of the the rules, I have nominated 10 other bloggers whom I feel deserves the award. The blogs that I have chosen had content that I found really interesting, and it is something that I’d would like to return to, time and again. If by nominating you and involving you in this chain nominating-awarding thing, you feel intruded upon, I apologize in advance.

The rules:

1.  Thank the person who nominated me and link to their blog.

2. Answer 10 questions asked by my nominator.

3. Nominate and link 10 other bloggers (with about less than 200 followers).

4. Notify all the bloggers I’ve nominated.

5. Create 10 new questions for my nominees to answer.


A big thanks to C.S. Wilde for nominating me. Without you, I would have never come across few of the beautiful blogs that I have further nominated below.


1) Game of Thrones: Yay or Nay?

Super-duper YAY, all day long! Why should it be anything else? Politics, plotting, murder, battles, magic, fantasy, DRAGONS!, Erotica… all merged into one! Sign me up, now!

2) Batman or Superman?

Batman. Superman’s cool too. But Batman… is, well, BATMAN. His every action, so much as even narrowing of eyes (of what can be seen, at least), is intriguing and exciting.

3) What celebrity irritates you the most? If you answer anything other than the Kardashians, do let us know why.

Interesting. The question immediately puts the Kardashians in the picture and that automatically makes it impossible to imagine anyone else more irritating. Maybe, Kanye? After that song with the Lady Kardashian?

4)What’s your favorite book?

Ah! What indeed? Was it the Chronicles of Narnia that teleported me to a magical realm and made my childhood fantasies come true? Or was it the timeless Lord of the Rings, that opened a world of possibilities in the fantasy and introduced me to world of friendship, bravery, courage, and ORCS!? Maybe it was Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat that showed me that books could make you laugh just as well as movies? How do you make a choice between such great books!?

I’m sorry. I’m gonna cheat on this one. Can’t choose.

5) Favorite movie?

Easiest thing would be to list out the first three that pops to mind:

1. The Lord of the Rings. Because it’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS!

2. The Dark Knight

3. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. (I still don’t know why I loved that movie. Maybe I zone-out a lot.)

6) What’s the best TV series of all time?

Again, Imma gonna take help of my dear ally… the LIST!



3. PRISON BREAK (only season 1)

7) What fictional character do you hate the most?

Joeffry from A Song of Ice and Fire. (Aw, I just snapped my jaw, clenching it too tight.)

8) If you could be anyone or anything in this world, who/what would you be?

Ummm…. okay… let’s see… Tony Stark, maybe? Yeah, that would be fun. But, if I can choose only a real person, it has to be  Stephen King. I just love that guy.

9) Aliens: fact or myth?

Aliens as in little green men from mars? Yeah, myth, for me. Though I’m completely open to the idea of other several highly intelligent life form (besides us) in the universe.

10) Would you survive for three days inside Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory?

Excessive cocoa intake would kill me on the morrow of the second day. That’s certain.


1. Through Poetry

2. Niquita Sookdeo at 21stcenturyhobbit

3. Here is Neverland

5. Random Ramblings of Celeena Cree

6. One Name A Day

7. Melissa at Writing About Writing

8. The Accent of Secret Stories

9. Ashley Gardana

10. Tirza Duncan at The Ink Caster

Good luck, everyone. I hope you find time to go through the aforementioned rules! 



STEP 3: ME TURN!!!!! Huhuhuhahaha–kahakk!… ah…ahem!

10 questions for my nominees. (If you would.)

1. What is your favorite genre for reading? How often do you read beyond your genre?

2. Who is your all time favorite antagonist (any genre)? Any particular trait that intrigued you?

3. Intake of coffee, tea, or some form of alcohol increases creativity. Agree or disagree?

4. Which Lord of the Ring character are you? Or if you’re not into fantasy… who is your favorite book protagonist so far?

5. Can you go more than two days without writing (or reading, if you are a non-writer) anything creative?

6. Who is your favorite author? Any particular trait that you like?

7. Any story or character that you wish you’d have written?

8. If Justice League were to face off Avengers… who would have upper hand?

9. Do you feel more passionate when writing with a pen/cil & paper than electronically into the computer?

10. How do you balance blogging with your work (or with other forms of writing or school)?

So that’s that…

I enjoyed this. I also feel very lucky to have stumbled upon some beautiful blogs while searching for my nominees. Thank you all for inspiring.

To blogging!

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