The sidewalk

How did I miss this?


Swimming the infinite seas
the quest for the depth
and one more stroke by the clock
to find that place that’s mine

Been ready to scratch
and been ready to break
been ready to fling away
and been ready to butt
the frozen rain perennial

Sharpen the sword
reshaping for every blow
as if it were dancing
and i turn my head to the sidewalk
to see other people slow

I realized, they are but at peace
On the sidewalk as they ease
they’ve learnt to walk aside from rain
they’ve learnt to move without that pain
for they’ve found that place

the place they belong
making them forever strong
and i used to look at them
deeming winner my speed

and now I understand
all I’ve longed is to walk on the sidewalks.
for my sidewalk is where I belong

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