Book Review: Carrie by Stephen King

Book: Carrie

Author: Stephen King

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Here to Stay

I absolutely loved Carrie. The story and the character. I’m too late to arrive to the Stephen King camp but looks like I’m here to stay.

Carrie is a gripping page-turner. Filled with horror, a sense of excitement, relief… terror. Everything you would want in a thriller.

“Execution becomes content in the work of genius.”

Carrie constantly reminded me of this statement made by the legendary adman, Bill Bernbach.

Not to take anything away from the story itself… but the manner in which it is executed is simply brilliant.

I’m still curious what particular event inspired Mr. King to tell this story (in parts) through the excerpts of different newspaper articles, scientific reports, and autobiographies (there’s not much about that particular idea in On Writing, I think). It gives a certain depth… a certain touch of realty to the story. Adds to the tension and provides deeper understanding about character motivation.

An involving tale, through and through!

So all this makes Carrie such an involving story that albeit knowing an all-doom is lurking in the finale, we can’t help but stick our noses to the book to know how that inevitable doom unfolds.

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