Killer’s Darling

“I whisper among these Autumn winds,

As I had whispered to those Spring’s bliss

And among the light of that first full moon,

I commiserate, my Love, our first sweet kiss

Touch my darling, O autumn winds,

Touch her, it is all I plea

For when that first leaf falls from your touch

I shall find my love around me.”

The above is a part of the song composed by a Shul’Kage, Ryham Wijnan, the character of my second book Amaranth: The Hunt for the Unicorn. It is sung by Ryham to the winds of autumn in remembrance of his wife when he’d travelled to the tribal war with the Hespanians of the farthern North. The war had lasted for three years and is popular in the legends of the Known World  as the Dead Mercenary War.


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